Key persons

Daniel Turcotte


In charge of strategic planning and execution, Daniel has been responsible for the Extraterrestrial Embassy Project for over 12 years.  He created the Alliance in 2020 and gathered the necessary executive to build upon what has been built since the origins of the Project in 1975 towards its future goals. Daniel is also the first Space Peace Ambassador for the World Peace Tracts organization.

Sylvain Rochon

V.-P. Network Development

In charge of developing en enriching the Alliance Network and supporters with individuals and organizations. Sylvain is an experienced serial entrepreneur, futurist, and author, responsible for the creation of several enterprises over the past 20 years, including Intellectual, the Canadian Institute of Mass Communications, and Cykometrix.

Sherman Chin

Operation Manager

Responsible for the optimized function of the Alliance team. Determines best collaborative systems to use so the team can be effective at their tasks and will be responsible for managing varied Alliance team projects in collaboration with partner organizations. Sherman has been involved in business operations for nearly 20 years in Asia and America working with international teams.

Nora Kerrache

Director of communications & Lobbying

In charge of conducting activities aimed at information and influence members of the legislative body and, among others, political officials.  Nora has been involved in training, communications, diplomatic relations, and human resources for the past 16 years, mostly in Europe.

Claude Chevey

Director Architect
(United States of America)

Responsible to gather architects and architects firms interested in the Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project.  Claude has been a professional architect, graphics designer and entrepreneur for over 25 years.