Key persons

Daniel Turcotte

President (Canada)

In charge of strategic planning and execution, Daniel has been responsible for the Extraterrestrial Embassy Project for over 12 years.  He created the Alliance in 2020 and gathered the necessary executive to build upon what has been built since the origins of the Project in 1975 towards its future goals. Daniel is also the first Space Peace Ambassador for the World Peace Tracts organization.

Sylvain Rochon

V.-P. Network Development (Canada)

In charge of developing and enriching the Alliance Network and supporters with individuals and organizations. Sylvain is an experienced serial entrepreneur, futurist, and author, responsible for the creation of several enterprises over the past 20 years, including the Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact, Stratdgi and CykoMetrix.

Sherman Chin

Operation Manager (Malaysia)

Responsible for the optimized function of the Alliance team. Determines best collaborative systems to use so the team can be effective at their tasks and will be responsible for managing varied Alliance team projects in collaboration with partner organizations. Sherman has been involved in business operations for nearly 20 years in Asia and America working with international teams.

Maria Antonietta Tuzzi

Diplomatic Manager (Italy)

Responsible for Diplomatic contacts at Embassies and United Nations representatives, Public Relations and strategies for the Alliance in Europe. 17 years of experience in public relations and international press offices and in the last 8 years related to the Aerospace world and European Space Agencies.

Nora Kerrache

Director of communications & Lobbying (Switzerland)

In charge of conducting activities aimed at information and influence members of the legislative body and, among others, political officials.  Nora has been involved in training, communications, diplomatic relations, and human resources for the past 16 years, mostly in Europe.

Claude Chevey

Director Architect (United States of America)

Responsible to gather architects and architects firms interested in the Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project.  Claude has been a professional architect, graphics designer and entrepreneur for over 25 years.

Tanys Coughlan

Production Lead (Canada)

Responsible for the production of videos, podcasts and other collateral to increase public awareness and exposure for the Alliance. Tanys is an established entrepreneur and teacher in the field of human resources and wellness in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Angelique Gravina

Conference Coordinator (South Africa)

Responsible for conference planning and coordination as well as part of the networking team in Africa. Angelique is motivated by a lifelong, active interest in metaphysical concepts. A conscious advocate of natural living in harmony with spiritual and natural laws. An avid writer and proofreader specifically within fields associated with ufology and supernatural phenomena.

Viedamour Elliott

Administration Leader (Canada)

In charge of the administration team at Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact. Previously worked 40 years as an administrative assistant for several different companies, including 10 years for a Canadian University, and 15 years for the federal government.

Marissé Caissy

Networking lead for North-America (Canada)

Marissé has long standing as an administrator, with 12 years experience as Adjunct Director, administration at the University of Montreal, and a sociologist specialized in women’s studies and also devoting time to leading the North-American team for the Alliance.

Daubrey Gnapy

Networking Lead for Africa (Ivory Coast)

Daubrey is in charge of developing the AEDC African volunteers and supporter base, organising conferences and meetings. He has been a software engineer for over 10 years and has been involved in the Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project since 2005.