Montreal, Canada, August 19, 2023 (78 After Hiroshima)

Distinguished Members of the United Nations,
Distinguished delegates,


On behalf of all 1,84 million supporters of the Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact and the related Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project (E4ET), I would like to bring to your attention Project Titan, a significant initiative by the Centro Ufologico Nazionale of Italy (CUN) and the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER). While the CUN and ICER are not members of the Alliance, their long-term dedication and UFO scholarship are held in high esteem by everyone in this field. Project Titan aims to establish a centre for the observation and scientific study of the UFO phenomenon as a United Nations Permanent Office, located in San Marino (a European microstate, enclaved by Italy). Advancing Project Titan has required great patience and diplomacy, including direct talks between the leadership of CUN and ICER and San Marino’s two Heads of State, known as the Captains Regent. As a result of their actions, the Grand and General Council of the Republic of San Marino has voted, by a large majority, to support Project Titan and formally request the United Nations to create the proposed UFO research office. 


The key points of Project TITAN request are: Recognizing that this initiative concerns all of humanity, going beyond national borders and uniting nations in a common effort of scientific exploration and understanding of a phenomenon that is as topical as ever. Recommends that the Ambassador Representative of the Government of the Republic of San Marino submit this proposal to include as an item in the agenda at the next session of the United Nations General Assembly, and to be referred to the appropriate UN Committee or subsidiary body of the General Assembly (UNGA), or possibly an ad hoc group, established to consider this proposal.

We trust that the Member States will carefully examine the proposal, welcome and decide whether to include this item in the agenda of the 77th session of the UNGA (13 – 27 September 2023), or at a later session. It is our hope that the General Assembly will recommend adopting a Resolution to establish a centre for the observation and scientific study of the UFO phenomenon as a United Nations Permanent Office. We are convinced that our collective efforts to understand the UFO phenomenon will lead to new perspectives on our place in the universe and our interactions with other civilizations. 


Mr Paolo Guizzardi

I am pleased to include a message from Project Titan’s creator and manager, Mr. Paolo Guizzardi: The Republic of San Marino has submitted a proposal for the creation of a new UN office tasked with the preparation of a World UN Conference on the studies and research on the UAP (previously UFO) phenomenon. The initiative is meant to create an aggregation pole for the creation and development of an international, open scientific research effort on the UAP phenomenon. We are firmly convinced that such an initiative could bring important results of which the whole humanity could benefit. We therefore ask you to take into consideration the possibility of supporting the initiative in the phase of UN Commission examination / UNGA voting. 

The Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact fully endorses Project Titan. We respectfully invite your governments to support all efforts in this initiative by providing direct support to the CUN and ICER, and by communicating your support to your own political representatives and requesting that they ensure that your government supports the proposal leading the United Nations General Assembly to proclaim the creation of such an important Centre when discussed at the UN. While Project Titan is a CUN and ICER initiative, our diplomatic staff is available to provide any information or clarification regarding the project and its process through the UN. I will be sure to keep you informed as regard to the views held by the respective Member States. We thank you for your attention and support of Project TITAN, and hope that together we can chart a future of scientific discovery and openness.

Best regards,

Daniel Turcotte, president
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