Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact

Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact



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our mission

Greeting Extraterrestrial Civilizations

The Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact (AEDC) is an international network of diplomats, politicians, government officials, experts in extraterrestrial affairs, and interested people, with the shared goal of welcoming extraterrestrial civilizations to establish diplomatic missions on our planet.

Registered as a non-profit entity, the AEDC believes that the first and most necessary step to build this embassy for extraterrestrial civilizations, is to create an international diplomatic framework for such contacts, preferably built upon the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961) and the two extant optional protocols to that convention. To this end, the AEDC has drafted a third optional protocol to the Vienna Convention, provisionally titled the “Optional Protocol concerning Embassies for Extraterrestrials” and is promoting discussions and amendments leading to the adoption of this protocol.

The AEDC also provides authoritative advice and information to governments in order to assist their ambassadors, military, and policymakers to understand the nature and significance of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and to promote the development of appropriate policies.

Optional Diplomatic protocol


The Alliance and the Embassy for Extraterrestrial project promoter have written a draft “ Optional Protocol Concerning Embassies for Extra- Terrestrials ”. It is our intention that this (or a similar document) become the third optional protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and thereby provides internationally agreed diplomatic arrangements for official contacts with Extraterrestrials.

The Vienna Convention and relevant optional protocols have been ratified by almost every country on the planet, and, until now, have met the needs of the signatory countries. However, as it is becoming increasingly obvious that extraterrestrial civilizations are signaling to prepare us for an official contact.  Humanity has reached a point where the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations must be amended to add a protocol for embassies for extraterrestrials in preparation for such an important historical event.

An internationally agreed protocol for an embassy for Extraterrestrials will mean that the United Nations – or any signatory countries – will be prepared for the official announcement of extraterrestrial contact by a country. 

The project roadmap

We have worked hard since 1974 to organize, develop and deliver on the extraterrestrial embassy project.  The Alliance is one step in the plan.  But we’re not finished yet.  We have what we need already to build the embassy on the right type of territory.  We still need to get the United Nations to discuss and integrate Optional Protocols for Extraterrestrial Contact, and then the process leading to the construction of the Embassy for Extraterrestrials can begin.


The Concept of an Embassy for E.T. was born



Press conference to present the E.T. Embassy model in Switzerland



Creation of the Diplomatic Contact Team



First reply from the United Nations



Creation of the Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact


2021 - 2022

Diplomatic initiative

Organize a conference to discuss the optional protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

2021 - 2022

2022 - 2024

Signature of the Optional Protocol

Get at least three countries to sign the Protocol

2022 - 2024

2024 - 2025

Site location analysis

Identify suitable sites for the E.T. Embassy Project in countries that have signed the Optional Protocol

2024 - 2025

2025 - 2027

Site acquisition

Chose the preferred site identified, acquired and transferred, along with an agreement as to major off-site infrastructure. Finalize the legal aspects of the E.T. Embassy Project

2025 - 2027

2027 - 2030

Planning and implementation

Master planning, architectural and engineering design, approvals, contracts & commissioning. Construction of the ET Embassy complex, including a half-size model of the Embassy that will be open to the public.
2027 - 2030


From 2030 the embassy will operate in caretaker mode, awaiting the return of the Extraterrestrial Civilization to Earth


Help Us Make History


We are Many

We have been working diligently since 1974 to organize, develop and deliver on the extraterrestrial embassy project.  The Alliance organization is one step in the plan.  Over 1,872,000 supporters of the Extraterrestrial Embassy Project in 28 organizations already have the resources needed to build the embassy assuming a territory accepts the construction project.  

Once the United Nations discusses and integrates the Optional Protocols for Extraterrestrial Contact – or when a few countries agrees on this Protocol and one of them accept to give (or sell) land and grant it the extraterritoriality needed we will start the ET Embassy building process.


AARAN, A., Computer engineer- China

ABDULLAH, Larry, Doctor Dental Surgery – USA

ADADJO, K. Desire, Logistics – Ivory Coast

ADAMCZAK, Jacek, Computer science Engineer – Poland

AKOMIAN, Claude Marius, Database Technician – Ivory Coast

ALVAREZ, Enrique, Ph.D., Physics – Peru

ARTUS, Gilles, Mechanics – Italy
ASAOKA, Yoshiharu, Dentistry- Japan

ASSAMOI, Thierry Arsene, Biochemistry and Astrophysics – Ivory Coast

AYMONIER, Alcy Infinity, Engineer, AI, Robotics Engineer – Australia

AYMONIER, Jean-francois, Electrical Engineer, Programmer – Australia

BADIARA, Léon, Biotechnology & genetics Engineer – Burkina Faso

BADOLO, Edadjain Joel Placide, IT security, computer Engineer – Burkina Faso

BAMBORE, Fabienne Josiane, Agronomy Engineer – Burkina Faso

BARATHIEU, Lucie, MSc, Pharmacist – Switzerland

BARATHIEU, Yves, BSc., Engineer, Oil & Gas Projects – Ukraine

BELICOFSKI, Jeffrey Experimental Physics – Australia

BERMOND, Jean Max, PhD, Philosophy – Canada

BERNER, Antoine, MSc., Masters in Computer Science and AI – Switzerland

BIBENS-SALOIS, Nathalie, Ph.D., Immunology & Virology – Canada

BLACH, Wolfgang, Mechanical Engineer – Canada

BLUTEAU, Gabriel, Economy – Canada

BLUTEAU, Rachel, Psychoeducator – Canada

BOCO, Gbetoho Albert, Legal sciences Master – Benin

BOHOUI, Douzoh Gabriel, Economy & Insurance Master – Ivory Coast

BOISSELIER, Brigitte, Ph.D., Biochemistry, Stem Cells, Cloning – USA

BONI, Hervé, Pharmacy Doctor – Ivory Coast

BONI, Séverin, Ophtalmology – Ivory Coast

BONI, Yves, Structure of matter – Ivory Coast

BOURGEAUX, Pierre, Mechanics engineer – France

BROU, Konan Ericsson Z., Electronic & IT – Ivory Coast

BUREL, Pascal, Computer Science – France

CAISSY, Marissé, Sociologist and researcher – Canada

CANTACUZENE, Roger Eulalie, Ph.D., Droit Public – Martinique

CARON, Francois, Acupuncture – Canada

CASTRO, Carlos Damasco, Civil engineer – Building and Budgets – Mexico

CHACHAY, Veronique, Ph.D., Medicine – Physiology -Biochemistry – France

CHOI, Hung-sup, Chemical Engineering – South Korea

CLAIRVOYANT, Felix, Ph.D., Human Sexuality – USA

CREPIN, Jaôm, MSc, IT (Network Operating Systems – Security) – France

CROUTHAMEL, Daniel, Masters in Physics – USA

DA, Sié Benoit, MD & Psychiatrist – Burkina Faso

DAKOURY, Djato Simon, Computer System, Bachelor in IT – Ivory Coast

DJAHA, Kouadio Benoît, Science of life and earth – Ivory Coast

DEVAUX, Michel, Ph.D., Electrochemistry, Metallurgy – France

DODO, Hortense (Gbedia), Ph.D., Molecular Biology – USA

DOSSO, Lassena, Finance Accounting Master – Ivory Coast

DOUMBIA, Sanaba, MD.

General medicine Doctor – Ivory Coast

DRORI, Kobi, IT expert – Israel

EHOUAN, Taï, Ph.D., Operational research health economics – Ivory Coast

EYUI NTOLO, Catherine, Territorial development & governance – Gabon

FOLEY, Steve, BSc., Bioinformatics, genetics & Cell Biology – Ireland

FRICOTTÉ, Lisiane, Master in Law – France

GARCIA, Sophie, Computer science – Switzerland

GARY, Pierre, Computer science Engineer – France

GAUTHIER, Alain, MSc. Cell Biophysics and Plant Biology, Canada
GIRALD-ROSA, Adrian, MD., Surgeon – USA

GIRALD-ROSA, Willie, Ph.D., Molecular Biology – USA

GNAPY DAUBREY, Arnaud Stephane, Bca, MBA, Computer Science – Ivory Coast

GOLDIE, Stephen, Urban Planner – Australia

GOURIZAN BI, Zan Placide, History & Geography – Ivory Coas

GUEHI, Privat Sinclair, General Engineering – Ivory Coast

GUIGMA, R. E. Crescence, Human Resource Management – Ivory Coast

HAN, Kyu-Hyun, Ph.D., Immunologist, Stem Cells – South Korea

HENNING, Harold, MD., OBGYN, Medical Doctor – Canada

HETIE, Phylis, Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Genetics, Stem Cell – USA

HOFFMANN, Dominique, Computer science – Germany

HOFFMANN, Marcel, Physics – Germany

HU, Ming zhi, MSc, Physics – Taiwan

ITIO, Michio, BSc. Physiology – Japan

IONESCU, Marcel, Business Development Director – Romania

IWAMOTO, Chiemi, Clinical laboratory technician – Japan

JACCAZ, Pascal, Ph.D., Electricity – France

JEAN, Christiane Irène, Infirmière spécialisée – Martinique

JULIEN, Andre, Aerospace Engineer – Canada

JUNG, Yun Pyo, BSc., Navigation, Cosmology – South Korea

KAENZIG, Thomas, MBA, Business Administration – USA

KANE, Souleymane, Cultural Engineering Master – Ivory Coast

KANG, Hae Myoung, Mathematics – South Korea

KEVIN, K., Subway construction industry engineer – China

KIKOMO, Théodoros, Computer science – Congo DM

KIM, Hyo-seok, Ph.D., Electronic Semiconductor – South Korea

KIM, Sang-deok, Industrial Management – South Korea

KIM, Tae-kwang, Electrical Engineering – South Korea

KIND, K. BSc., Water Resources, Architecture, Automation – China

KITSUNAI, Katsuhiro, MSc., Master of Agriculture, Biochemistry – Japan

KLINE, Richard, BSc., Electrical Engineering – USA

KOFFI, Konan, Ph.D., Molecular Biology – USA

KONAN, Koffi Faustin, Ph.D., Ophtalmology – Ivory Coast

KONÉ, Abdoul Rahmane De Lamine, Economy – Ivory Coast

KOUAKOU, Yao Honoré, Chemistry biology geology – Ivory Coast

KOUAME, Amani, Electricity, finance & project management – Ivory Coast

KOUAME, Yao Maxime, Business Management Technician – Ivory Coast

KOULIBALY, Annick Victoire, Botanist – Ivory Coast

KUMAR, V., Ramesh, Growth Hustler & Tech Entrepreneur – India

LEE, Beom-yong, MSc. Sports Medicine – South Korea

LEE, Kyung-nam, Mechanical Engineering – South Korea

LEFEVRE, Valérie, Psychology – France

LEFORESTIER, Martine, Education sciences & Communication – Benin

LEMBANGUI LEPA, Mariale Claude, Computer Science – Gabon

LEMETAYER, Chana, Registered Nurse – Canada

LÉTOURNEAU, Marc, MA., Measurement Statistics – USA

LEVAUX, Philippe, Ph.D., Economy – France

LEZOU, Paul, Chemist – Ivory Coast

LIRAZ, Relit, Ph.D., Psychology – Israel

LINARD, Clémence, MSc. Sexology – France

LÓPEZ MUÑOZ, Andrés, MD., Physician Surgeon – Spain

LOUKOU ANNAUD, Joël Francis, Energy Engineer – Ivory Coast

LUNA, Angulo Sonia Ismelda, Psychologist – Venezuela

MALLEA, Rose Marie, Psychology – France

MARS, Isaac, Theoretical Physicist – USA

MAYR Werner, Ph.D., Doctor in Physics – Austria

MEKUI, Danielle Felicia, Computer Science – Gabon

MEYER, Jean-Marc, Computer Science – Ivory Coast

MILLOGO, Jean-Baptiste, Cybersecurity telecom networks – Burkina Faso

MORAIS, Natalia, Ph.D., Doctor in Physics – Portugal

MORVAN, Michel, MSc., Immunology – France

MUN, Ung-ki, Microbiologist – South Korea

MUTHUSWAMY, Jayaram, Ph.D., Professor of Finance – USA

MUTHAIAH, Kumar, Master of computer applications – INDIA
NEWKIRK, L, Raymond, Psy.D – USA

NIELSEN, JL, Physicist – USA

ODA, Daisuke, Ph.D., Sanitary engineering, Civil engineer, Sewer engineer – Japan

OGOULA, Jean-René, Electricity Engineer – Gabon

OKAMURA, Tsutomu, Ophtalmologist – Japan

OKANDZA, Fulbert, Master in Political Science & Defense – Congo DR

OSÉS RODRIGUES, Ricardo, Bachelor’s Degree in Nuclear Physics – CUBA

OSSIRY, Bleh Christian, Computer Science – Ivory Coast

OUATTARA, Karim, Computer science – Ivory Coast

PARK, Chung-gyoo, BSc. Physics Education – South Korea

PENG, Wei-Ming, Clinical laboratory Technician – Taiwan

PICHÉ, Fabrice, Medical Qigong, and Chinese Medicine – Mexico

PITHON, François MD, OPH., Microsurgeon, Researcher, ophtamologist – France

PODA, Kpentol David, Agronomy Engineer – Burkina Faso

POLLARDO, Aldricho Alpha, MSc., Nanotechnology – India

PROULX, Mark, BSc, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics – Sri Lanka

REID, John, MD., Medical Doctor, Surgeon – Great Britain

REMACLE, Eric, Psychology – Switzerland

REVER, Erich, Doctor in Dentistry – Peru

RIVARD, Marc, BSc. MD. Biologist, Medical Doctor – France

RIVERA RAMIRO, Perdomo, Electronic & Automation Engineer – Colombia

ROCHON, Sylvain, BSc, Biotechnology – Canada

ROULEAU, Daniel, Telecom Engineer – Canada

RUSCH, Willy, Ph.D., Ecology –Switzerland

SAULNIER, Jean-Pierre, Nursing diploma – France

SEMYONOV, Alexander, Ph.D. Geopolitics – Russia

SERY, Bailly Jaures, Computer networks and telecoms Engineer – Ivory Coast

SIRIBIE, Ardjouma Eloh, Telecoms Networks – Senegal

SIRIBIE, Mafama, MSc., Biological analyses Master – Burkina Faso

SOK, Jae-il, Architectural Engineering – South Korea

SONG, Ki-beom, Life Science – South Korea

SOUCHET, Jean-Jacques, Telecom License – Ivory Coast

SOUMAHORO, Youssouf, Industrial IT and maintenance Technician – Ivory Coast

SOURA, Moussa, Biological & Social Sciences Master – Senegal

STAR, S. BSc., Bachelor of Science, Engineer – China

STOLPE, Kenny, Physicist – Sweden

STONE, S., Engineer, Associate Degree of Science – China

ST-PIERRE, Luc, Computer Science – Canada

SUNDOCK, Mary, Mechanical Engineering Master – USA

SZYKULA, Marek, MSc., Chemistry Master – Poland

TAKAGI, Tetsuji, Engineering- Japan

TALMAN, Iblis, Politics – Sweden
TANSUO, T., Electrical engineering and automation – China

TELFORD, Hans, Computer Science, Multimedia Engineer – Australia

TERRUSSE, André, Energy Engineer – France

TERRUSSE, Marcel, BSc., Chemistry, Chemical engineer – France

TETTY, Mario, Computer science – Switzerland

TOKAIRIN, Yoshihiko, BSc., Molecular Biology – Japan

TPMETY OGANDAGA, Folly Prudencio, Computer science – Gabon

TURCOTTE, Louise, Registered Nurse – Canada

UKEGAWA, Haruthoshi, Scientist – Japan

UZAL, David, Ph.D., Philosophy- Brasil

VALLIER, Marie-Claude, Physiotherapist – France

VAN DORP, Dennis, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry & nanotechnology – Belgium

WEN, Sun, Ph.D., Chemistry, Electrochemistry – South Korea

WENNER, Marcus, Ph.D., Doctor in Neurobiology – Great Britain

WIECZOREK, Rafal, BSc., Software engineer – Poland

WOODEN, W., Process control and equipment engineer – China

YAMAGATA, Toshiaki, MD, Rheumatologist, and Internal Medicine – Japan

YAMPI, Yamba Narcisse, Industrial mechanic – Ivory Coast

YANG, Jae-ho, Electronic Engineer – South Korea

YAPI ADON, Christophe Landry, Master in Economy – Ivory Coast

YEBOUA, Yeboue Rodrigue, IT maintenance & network – Congo DR

WOODBURN, John, Computer science engineer – Singapore