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Since its creation in 2021, the Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact (AEDC) has become the most prominent organization in the diplomatic policy arena regarding extraterrestrial affairs. 

The AEDC is a 100% volunteer based organization supported by individuals and organizations generous with their time and resources. We appreciate your visit here with the hopes you can help this great cause for Humanity.

For those who choose to financially contribute to the project, know that all financial contributions are used for

  • Legal and lobbying fees
  • Administrative Expenses (i.e., software, consultant fees, etc.)
  • Promoting the project
  • The Embassy Building Fund


There are many ways to help!



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Valued Individual Supporter contribution levels


$48 Annually or $5 monthly (CAD)*

Promoters are recognized through the following: 

  • Exclusive AEDC discounts on events, merchandise etc.
  • Displayed name in the Promoter section of the AEDC Website


Payment options


$192 Annually or $20 monthly (CAD)*

Engaged individuals and organizations receive the Promoter benefits, plus:

  • Official metal AEDC lapel pin
    Gain exclusive insight into project details before they are made public.
  • The name is listed as Engaged Supporter on the AEDC website.
Payment options

One-Time donation

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