The Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact Supports and Promotes the Binary Code Project to Send Messages to ETs from Earth!

New-York, June 1, 2022

A few years ago, an experienced and multi awarded Argentinian Architect, Designer, Plastic and Visual Artist, José Alfredo De Andrés, came with a very interesting the idea: make a message binary code saying My city Welcomes ETs that can be seen from the sky.

José Alfredo explains: “Since binary codes are being used in many Crop Circles, I thought it was a good idea to communicate with Extraterrestrials with the same language!”  “I presented the project to the city of Salta in Argentina to put a welcoming message near the city of Mirador and I am waiting for the city to approve it”, he added.

Binary code example for the city of Salta

“This idea is in line with the mission of the Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact (AEDC) and the Embassy Project to officially welcome extraterrestrials to Earth and we believe that this idea, if applied on a larger scale, would raise the level of awakening of humanity,” says Daniel Turcotte, president of the AEDC.
Turcotte continued: ‘We are inviting our 16 supporting organizations and the 525,000 members they represent – or anyone else interested in the project – to raise awareness of the project and act in the cities where they live. Whether it’s presenting the project to their city or making a binary welcome code on their own land!’’

About the Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact –

“We invite and encourage all those who wish to participate in this project to take action and send us photos that we will share on our social media platforms!  We thank José Alfredo from the bottom of our hearts for having this inspiring idea!” concluded Daniel Turcotte.

The Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact (AEDC) is an international network of diplomats, politicians, government officials, experts in extraterrestrial affairs, and interested people, with the shared goal of welcoming extraterrestrial civilizations to establish diplomatic missions on our planet.

Registered as a non-profit entity, the AEDC believes that the first and most necessary step to build this embassy for extraterrestrial civilizations, is to create an international diplomatic framework for such contacts, preferably built upon the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961) and the two extant optional protocols to that convention. To this end, the AEDC has drafted a third optional protocol to the Vienna Convention, provisionally titled the “Optional Protocol concerning Embassies for Extraterrestrials” and is promoting discussions and amendments leading to the adoption of this protocol.

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